Product Trends: Living in a golden age

Product Trends: Living in a golden age

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Product Trends: Not all that glitters is gold

When something’s expensive, we tend to assume it’s also valuable. But is this always the case?

In economics, a product’s market value is determined by a complex web of decisions meant to measure its availability against its demand. Materials that are in-demand, but harder to come by, are assigned a higher value than materials where the opposite is true.

This seems simple enough, but the problem is that demand is hard to measure.

Innumerable factors affect a buyer’s willingness or ability to buy a good and the extent to which each factor affects it is highly subjective. If market value is determined by demand, isn’t it closer to being a measure of a product’s perceived value rather than its actual value?

Take gold for example⁠—

Its rarity and uniquely elegant shine have kept it in high-demand for centuries. Gold is so reliably high-value that entire monetary systems have been built around the fixed quantity of gold.[1]

But why?

We’ve long since passed the point where its color and shine are a hard-to-produce rarity. Tons of more widely available metals function just-as-well, if not better than gold. It seems the only thing that’s kept gold valuable is the perception of its own value.

Not all that glitters is gold, but gold isn’t the only thing that glitters.

Here’s what’s trending:

Gold vermeil

Gold Vermeil

Gold vermeil is silver (either pure or sterling) that’s been gilded, giving it the shine of pure gold without the hefty price tag. Products can include jewelry, home decor, small trinkets, and occasionally electronics.

Search interest in gold vermeil has been climbing since the start of the year. While jewelry does tend to trend higher as Valentine’s Day approaches, there’s more going on here than just a Valentine’s Day boom⁠. Consider the pattern of search interest in 2020⁠—

After slight growth in mid-January, numbers were down by February. In fact, search interest in 2020 was far higher after Valentine’s Day than before it. Spring and summer saw long periods of sustained interest and mid-November saw a four-fold increase from February.

Could this be related to the fact that the most-common birthday months in the United States occur from May to September?[2] It may just be a coincidence, but with early-February searches more than twice as high in 2021, there’s a good chance the rest of the year will be even bigger.

💡Marketing tip: Jewelry is a great business for first-time entrepreneurs, especially if they have a good, untapped niche. But it does have its own set of considerations and complications. Be prepared by checking out our guide to starting a jewelry business.

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Mechanical gaming keyboard

Mechanical gaming keyboard

Mechanical gaming keyboards are specially designed for gamers. Keys are arranged more ergonomically, with “game-heavy” keys featured more prominently, and typically illuminated with a neon back-light.

Gaming products were huge in 2020. After lockdowns started, a growing sense of quarantine boredom created a massive swath of new gamers, triggering a colossal demand for gaming equipment that still hasn’t let up.

Search interest in mechanical gaming keyboards is still growing, largely unaffected by the post-Christmas shopping slump. January 2021 saw twice as much search interest as January 2020, and more searches than any month in 2019.

💡Marketing tip: With gaming growing in popularity, many of your customers will be new to the hobby. Try retargeting previous customers with offers for other pc gaming products like widescreen monitors, ultra-wide mouse pads, gaming headsets, and ergonomic chairs.

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